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A Conversation with SeaPotential: Decolonizing “Interviewing” to Create Heart Based Connections to Water with Youth

Global Wisdom Collective engages with many partners in the space of sharing and teaching the value of intergenerational dialogues. SeaPotential, an organization based in Washington state, facilitates relationships between youth and marine ecosystems. In June 2022, GWC facilitated an intergenerational dialogue workshop to prepare youth for dialogue with elders. The workshop taught youth communication skills which have the power to heal waterways and communities. 

Mikayla Prince, Communications Strategist
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Learning and recording with an indigenous serpent physician (2015)

We were blessed with countless soulful interactions- one after the other. People from all walks of life, wearing the experiences of a hard worked life and a journey well lived.

Dominica Zhu, Founding Director
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