Ancient Wisdom Preservation

Our work focuses on protecting traditional ecological knowledge and key cultural lifeways pertinent to, for, and alongside treasured and sacred communities that would otherwise be at threat for extinction. Our preservation work focuses on wisdom that promotes peace building, protection of nature, traditional medicine and spirituality, and more.

Bridge Building

 We create a space of sharing and involvement between generations, cultures and geographical regions that will carry the torch of this preservation work as guided by our elders and ancestors. This includes an emphasis on inter-cultural, intergenerational, and inter-continental collaboration as well as involvement of the diaspora communities for a truly unified world.


Our work prioritizes channeling resources in protection of sacred natural resources and wildlife, in pursuit of creating a world where all beings can thrive, be happy, and be free.


 We convene cross-sectors and leaders to champion the protection of sacred communities and all beings, through the blending of indigenous ecological knowledge and tried and true wisdom from those that have protected our Earth for millennia. We champion for this wisdom, these perspectives, and these voices to be prioritized and integrated within all tables of power and decision making.