Success Stories!

Our growing multidisciplinary team is composed of brilliant indigenous and diaspora individuals around the globe.

Dominica Zhu, Founding Director

Dominica is part of the Dai diaspora and is an experienced practitioner, organizer, and advocate in social justice, cultural preservation, and government space, utilizing humanitarian principles to foster understanding and change that is both subtle and profound.

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Dr. Wei Na Yu, Indigenous Healers Program Advisor

Dr. Yu is a traditional Chinese Medical healer and is one the rarest and most original Chinese Medicine Doctors that still understands the traditional system as intended from his Chinese ancestral roots, as well as practices it to apply to modern lifestyle changes and ailments.

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Carson Kiburo, Co-Director of Revitalize the Roots Initiative

Carson is a youth leader and a community organizer from the Endorois Tribe of Kenya.

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David Pierre-Louis, Seeds from the Roots Advisor

David is a community organizer dedicated to strengthening social and economic development in Haiti. David serves as the advisor for the Seeds from the Roots program.

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Mikayla Prince, Communications Strategist

She currently chairs the Public Interest Environmental Law UK conference.

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