Dr. Yu Legacy Project

Note from Founder, Dominica Zhu

“This project is in dedication to my mother and the medical wisdom that she has worked tirelessly to retain, improve, and pass on, despite the odds against her. This wisdom is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine in its original form, combined with her experiential wisdom that we are urgently trying to capture.

My mother taught me Traditional Chinese Medicine at a young age, and it has been integral to my childhood and how I understand my body and the world. I understand this was an amazing privilege I had to learn the ancient system of my people. The Yu Legacy Education Center aims to educate and share knowledge with the public, inspiring practitioners and youth to benefit from this sacred practice and medicine.

This project is an ode to all the powerful indigenous and diaspora elders out there that have had to endure endless years of hardship, exploitation, loss of dignity, and cruelty at the hands of forced Westernization and assimilation.

Our job as youth is to ensure that our elders thrive and support the realization of their purpose. We must ensure that the wisdom of our ancestors has a place in the modern-day.

My mother has inspired the creation of this organization.

We seek to build the Yu Legacy Education Center as a foundational program for our organization, make her medical wisdom more accessible to the mainstream public, and ensure that efforts to preserve our traditional medical systems are not wasted.

These medical systems, and their experiential wisdom, too often goes undocumented, and they become vulnerable to loss and disappearance after the elder is long gone. We would not only be losing an individual but an encyclopedia of tradition, sacred wisdom, and innovation that we cannot afford to lose.”

- Dominica Zhu

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The Stories That My Mother Would Tell Me Growing Up

My roots in knowledge preservation and medicine come from the generations before me. As a daughter of Chinese immigrants, a daughter of the Dai and Tibetian people, who lived through the Cultural Revolution, I knew of the pain, complexity, and triumph it has taken for me to inherit the wisdom of the Chinese Medical System passed on to me from my mother. I also understood how easily this all could have been destroyed without those determined to preserve it.

Dominica Zhu, Founding Director
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